Fiber Festival

Light / Sound feedback system exposed at FIBER festival 15/ 01 / 2011 (Amsterdam). The system itself and human interferences affects the evolution of an automated digital sound composition. Max/MSP programming,lights and sensors construction, digital sound by duel.protocol 2011. Developed together with Yiannis Tsirikoglou

Duel Protocol


Myself and Yiannis Tsirikoglou (MintD) started a collaboration project under a name of Duel Protocol. A number of concerts played together proved our duo to be an artistic success. Therefore we are bringing it to the next level. There are  upcoming concerts and several tracks ready to be publicized. Yiannis is also a member of an experimental band "Eventless Plot" from Thessaloniki, Greece. Please check out our homepage and get connected via social network.

With MintD at Studio LOOS

Thursday, 17th of June, Aurimas Bavarskis & MintD (Yiannis Tsirikoglou) at Studio LOOS, The Hague, The Netherlands. Also that night: Yamila Rios & Mei Yi Lee, Fischer/Baggiani, Ofir Klemperer.


Live performance with MINTD at Worm


On the 4th of April I will perform in a duo with MINTD (Yiannis Tsirikoglou). The concert will take place is the legendary "WORM" in Rotterdam, Achterhaven 148.

Mintd (Yiannis Tsirikoglou) is a member of the Thessaloniki (Gr) based group Eventless Plot with several releases (latest Ikon cd at Granny records critically acclaimed by Textura, Cyclic Defrost, Sound Proektor and Vital Weekly among others) and performances (Synch festival 2008) in the past. He uses variable input materials like physical instruments, environmental sounds or synthesized textures to create complex soundscapes through digital processing.

Assisting Alvin Lucier in realisation of "Music For Solo Performer"


I am one of the assinstances helping Alvin Lucier realize his famous piece "Music For Solo Performer" in Korzo theatre, Den Haag, Netherlands in 2010, 29th of May. We are working under direct supervision of Lucier's long-time assistant composer Nic Collins. Our task is to design a number of instruments based on brainwaves (alpha waves).

Music For Solo Performer was first performed on May 5, 1965 at the Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University with participation of John Cage. Since then there were very few reoccurances of this piece. More about Music For Solo Performer read here.


On the 30th of March 2010, 19:30 at the Istitute of Sonology in Arnold Schoenbergzaal I will play a 20 min. live electronics piece together with other students of the Royal Conservatory.  Each of us will play our unique instruments, some of them digital, some not... The project is supervised by a composer Richard Barrett.


On the 1st of december 2009, 19:30 in Arnold Schoenbergzaal of the Royal Conservatoire I am presenting my new tape piece for four speakers. The piece is based on flute sounds processed in many different ways. Also these people will present their pieces: Yota Morimoto, Luc Döbereiner, Philipp Götz, Takayui Hamano, Lasse Nosted, Sjaak Jöbses, Payam Shahali, Fani Konstantinidou.

Auris @ LOOS Studio, Den Haag


On Friday the 9th of October I am playing a live performance in LOOS Studio, Constant Rebequeplein 20b, Den Haag. Doors open at 20:30. Also are playing: Krakkkbot, Einóma and DJ Yiannis. The party has a title name "Pure Magnetic". Hopefully this beautiful word play will turn into a series of parties in the future.

Live performance at the Institute of Sonology


On the 29th of September, 2009 in Arnold Schoenberg hall in the Royal Conservatory I am presenting my newest piece where I will use an improved version of my prepared/motorized piano. It will be a compound of acoustic and computer generated sounds blended together by different combinations of feedback networks. Performed Live!

To see how my prepared piano works click here.

Concert in Vilnius, Lithuania


On the 28th of August, 2009 I am playing a gig in Vilnius, Lithuania. The place is called "Indiekubatorius" and is located right in the heart of the oldtown of Vilnius. Not only will I play there but also screen the videos that me and my brother shot in the most remote parts of Lithuania. It will be a mixture of abstract electronic music and song-like compositions accompanied by some incredible scenes from rural Lithuania. Address: Pylimo g. 20. Doors open 7pm. You are all welcome!

Z10 at "Satta Outside" festival in Smiltyne, Lithuania


The result of my and Rüt Rüt collaboration will be presented at "Satta Outside" festival in Smiltyne, Lithuania on 16/08/2009. A 10 min. 38 sec. video which was made for my piece "Z10" will be shown among other 11 short films. The whole act is named "Ore Film Event 2: deconstructions" and is organized by a major Lithuanian website for alternative music and arts as a part of the festival. The festival is taking place in one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania, Smiltyne preserved by the UNESCO organisation. To go to the festival page click here.

Experimental sounds meet experimental visuals

I am glad to present my newest piece "Z10" for which visual artists from Lithuania "Rüt Rüt" made moving images


Rüt Rüt are vjs, moving image creators, a/v culture promoters, sound lovers, babysitters, paper cutters, book readers, metal painters, cat feeders, normal people since 2002. More about them here.

and what they wanted to say with this video:

These experimental sounds made us come back to very early days of visual creation. We wanted some clear, simple and even primitive colours, images and effects. And we wanted our visuals to be as light as possible.

"Z10" is a piece that explores various sound making techniques like granular synthesis, FM synthesis and FFT based spectral sound transformations like bin shifting, bin flipping, convolving, filtering etc.  Macro level organization of the piece is an adopted version of ABC form. On a micro level the goal was to build a unified sound world which connects all the sounds by one or another way. Therefore, all the sounds are either derivatives of each other or they share some parameter data throughout the whole piece. The sound material of the piece was generated using exclusively Max/Msp (graphical programming environment). The challenge of this work was to combine so to say a strategic approach with experimentation based compositional process.


Visuals by Rüt Rüt